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We were behind on our mortgage and worried we were going to lose our home. Renzo and Dayna worked fast and effectively to get us an affordable mortgage payment that allowed our family to stay in our home. We are extremely grateful!
Christa Cesar
From the initial consultation I felt I was in good hands. Everyone was extremely professional and knowledgeable. From the beginning they set out a clear strategy to help me with my foreclosure and they followed through every step of the way. Thank you
John Hernandez
Bankruptcy is an emotional time for anyone. “First Legal” calmed my nerves and helped me with this important matter.
Thank you for your professionalism and friendliness
D. Pires
Renzo is a great attorney to deal with, dealt with in the past and delivered great results.
Antonio cuello
Simona Burshteyn, Esq was extremely responsive. She made herself available to take my random and frantic phone calls, which was extremely helpful for my case and very much appreciated. In fact, I feel it was a huge factor in the outcome of two separate issues. Additionally, Simona came up with a great strategy that was both financially and legally effective for me. I was so pleased with her overall service and pricing that I have referred her to my clients and will continue to do so in the future. She has earned my confidence and I am so thankful to have found her.
I was extremely impressed with Simona Burshteyn.I was referred to her by a family member of mine to complete our bankruptcy process. Simona was extremely thoughtful, compassionate, competent, and empathetic. She truly cares about people and it shows in her practice. She explained the entire process in a way that I could understand. I did not feel "alone" in the bankruptcy because she was there every step of the way. She has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family.
I have loved my home since I purchased it in March of 2006. Unfortunately, due to dicult times, I was in a serious bind with my mortgage company. I was advised by a long time friend that I trusted, to contact his friend Renzo and his law firm at First legal. In contacting them, I made an appointment with Renzo who patiently reviewed my situation and advised me that he and his team of legal professionals, would be able to successfully modify my mortgage and I would be able to keep my home. He immediately put me in touch with Dayna Mascalino who was able to make the magic happen. Through diligence, hard work and careful negotiations, Renzo, Dayna and the First legal team, were able to have my mortgage successfully modified and I was told the wonderful news that I was able to keep my wonderful home. Without Renzo, Dayna and the rest of the First Legal law firm, I would not have the pleasure of calling my house, my home. First legal was responsible, honest, hard working and fair. I am personally thankful to Renzo and Dayna for making my dream of keeping my home a true reality. They were an exceptional team and I strongly recommend them for anything that needs to be done. They were amazing!
N. Gauvin
What can you say to these two great people when they save you home, all that you have worked for, your dreams and ultimately, a good part of your life ???? You can thank them, of course, but, is that enough ??? Those of you who know what it means to spend months and months unable to sleep, worrying that you are going to lose your home, perhaps will understand me better...Renzo gave me hope, Dayna gave me condence and both of them gave me my home back.... This young lawyer with lots of wisdom, with humble, simple approach and no big promises comes into your life and tells you to trust him and his team and there is something in his voice that convinces you...it is the desire to save your home, the energy to make it happen....if you have one chance, Renzo will grab it and will do anything in his power to make you successful ! Dayna comes in between, she holds your shoulders, she stops you from collapsing, you would not make it otherwise...and you wait and you pray.....and one day...they call and tell you " how about you are approved ? " and you start crying and they cry with you....Did you think lawyers like this exist anymore ??? This is the most of everything a professional should do and the most of what is expected of all professionals. Besides saving my home, I also learnt a lot.....I learned that not all lawyers are the same and I am so happy I believed in these two !!!! Renzo and Dayna, and your team, I thank you !!! Always yours,
E. Barnea
My experience and relationship with First Legal is spot on. This law rm is professional, persistent, reliable, cost-ecient , trustworthy and has great integrity. I highly recommend First Legal to represent clients dealing with mortgage issues. They're handling my case professionally and have positive results. They have excellent customer service and their network is user-friendly. Again, mortgage issues, First Legal is your representation. Best regards,
I contacted Renzo because I was having diculty paying my mortgage every month. Both him and his team took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions until I felt comfortable knowing what would be done to help me stop my foreclosure. They fought with the bank in court and negotiated with them for a better mortgage payment. I now get to keep my home thanks to them.
Marsha Williams
First Legal exceeded my expectations. I hired them hoping to reduce my mortgage payment and save some money every month. After only a couple of months of working with my bank they were able to reduce my interest rate from 4.439% to 2% and get me $98,086.41 in principal reduction. Once everything is said and done I will also be saving approximately $668 each month on my mortgage payments. Throughout this entire process everyone at the oce was always available to answer any questions I had. In addition, they for me great results! I would highly recommend First Legal to anyone looking for a loan modification.
R. Iocovozzi
Our mortgage payment was over a thousand dollars a month and we could not afford it. After working with First Legal, our payment today is $610 and our interest rate is just 2%! Before hiring them I was extremely nervous and scared I would lose my home. From our rst meeting they explained every step of what they would do to help us save our home and calmed our nerves. Since then we have referred several of our friends and will continue to do so. Can’t wait to see what their outcomes are.
S. Bedassie
I was having financial difficulties and a friend recommended I see Renzo. He not only helped me with my mortgage problems, but from the start he was understanding of my situation, was always available to meet with me and provided clear answers and explanations to all my questions.
Dana Jones
My house was ready to be sold and my bank had repeatedly denied me a modification. Renzo and his team were able to stop the sale of my house and get the bank to agree to a reduced monthly payment that I could afford. Thanks to them the bank was not able to take my home
Sam Williams
Renzo, Dayna, thank you for your help. You were very professional and effective in finding a solution to our foreclosure. I am extremely grateful for the savings you got for us. Thank you
Serge & Marie Franck
After an extremely expensive divorce my financial situation changed dramatically and I was close to losing my home and everything else I owned. My former divorce attorney was trying to foreclose on my home due to a second mortgage they forced me to sign and I only had like eight days to react. I called First Legal and Simona and Renzo were right on top of it. They got my chapter 13 bankruptcy led without any delay and helped me save my home. After that they performed a mortgage modification for me successfully, helping relieve a little more pressure. Since then several issues have come up and they have always been there for me, not only with the answers and the help, but also with the guidance, support, and compassion one needs when going through such a difficult situation. I can't say that going through a bankruptcy is easy and stress-free, but what I can say is when you're dealing with people that show that they truly care like Simona, Renzo, and Dayna, it definitely makes it as easy mentally and emotionally as it could be. To say I recommend them in your own time of need is an understatement. Yours truly,
A Very Satisfied Client

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