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At First Legal we understand the toll the pandemic has taken in a homeowner’s finances. As the government’s foreclosure moratorium expires many families who fell behind on their mortgage payments are now facing the uncertainty of losing their homes in a foreclosure. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of homeowners beat foreclosure, reduce their mortgage payments, get back on track and save their homes.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic ebbs, we know the financial impact wrought on families will be felt for years to come. We are already seeing hundreds of homeowners who took advantage of payment forbearances offered by lenders during the pandemic now struggling to bring their mortgage current as those forbearances expire. With years of experience, at First Legal we have developed a comprehensive approach to help people struggling to pay their mortgage or facing foreclosure save their homes. We have stopped hundreds of foreclosures and have negotiated loan modifications with all major banks and servicers. We know what each lender is looking for in order to qualify a borrower for a loan modification and we will use that knowledge to your advantage. Your attorney, along with a team of financial specialists will work with you to prepare an individually tailored modification strategy that fits your financial situation and helps stop your foreclosure. 

We have found that most lenders want to avoid foreclosure. They are time consuming and have costly legal fees, and the bank usually does not recover its investment. A loan modification gives the borrower additional time to pay, often with a lower monthly payment to better fit into their budget. Lenders will usually agree to this because it increases the likelihood of them being repaid and avoids the costs of foreclosure. 

Even if your lender has denied you a modification or you have received one before or even if you think it is too late to do anything to save your home, at First Legal we will review your case and determine the appropriate course of action for an effective solution. Our experience defending foreclosure cases in court has shown us that by aggressively litigating we can significantly increase our bargaining power when negotiating to get you the best possible result.

At First Legal we will deliver the dedicated attention of an experienced team of qualified professionals that will partner with you during the entire process and will be at your disposal whenever you have a question or concern to discuss. We will do it at an affordable cost. 

It is never too late for homeowners to fight to keep their home.

We have a simple rule, we only take cases where we think we can help.

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Call us to schedule a free consultation with an attorney to review your situation and determine how we can help you. We will clearly explain your options and possible solutions so you can make an informed decision. We offer affordable fat fees.  We offer affordable flat fees.

We will work with you to stop your foreclosure and secure an affordable loan modification. We will aggressively litigate in court to prevent the bank from taking your home. We will review your finances to submit a loan modfication proposal to your lender. We will follow up with your bank every week to ensure a speedy resolution to your case. We will regularly update so you always know what’s going on.

Success for us is knowing that you will no longer spend your time worrying about how you’ll manage to pay your mortgage every month. We understand how important it is to know that the house you and your family have worked hard for is safe from foreclosure. Let us help you enjoy your home again.

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